About Us

In the 1950's, many people moved from New York City to Long Island. Around this time, Tom Messina moved from Brooklyn to Deer Park, Long Island where he opened a small macaroni & ravioli store that he named "Deer Park Ravioli." When Mr. Messina retired in 1973, his friend, John Oliviero purchased the store. Mr. Messina had parting advice that remains with the company today: "Use the best ingredients you can find." (We heard from Tom Messina around Christmas 2007. He and his wife are living in Florida and we wish them the very best!)

As children, we helped at the store when it got busy. We remember going home exhausted but proud. Today, our children help us, too.

Long Island families continued to shop at our store for ravioli, sauces, prepared foods, catering and other authentic Italian cuisine. Many chefs also began to serve Deer Park Ravioli in their fine restaurants. Additionally, a few quality supermarkets have made Deer Park Ravioli available for their Long Island customers, too.

Over the years, we developed a large line of specialty ravioli and specialty filled pastas for chefs and families. When chefs moved from Long Island, they wanted to serve Deer Park Ravioli at their new restaurants. Today, thanks to the help of excellent food distributors, Deer Park Ravioli is available to many chefs outside New York, too!

Our specialty ravioli, sauces, fresh mozzarella, catering and more are still available at our store. Recently we also began shipping Deer Park Ravioli out-of-state! It's an honor to help valued customers send a taste of Long Island to friends and family around the country. We love receiving a call or email from a happy person who tasted Deer Park Ravioli for the first time or from a long time customer who moved away and once again enjoys Deer Park Ravioli!

As third generation company owners, we cherish our past and remain committed to the future. OUR PURPOSE at Deer Park Ravioli is to delight chefs and families with the highest quality specialty & traditional ravioli, filled pastas and other authentic Italian cuisine.
Thank you for your business.

Ernie & Tom
Ernie Oliviero and Tom McDonald