The Beginning

In the 1950’s, Fred Ascrizzi, Tom Messina and Frank Vetrano were among the many people who moved from New York City to Long Island in search of more reasonably priced homes and new jobs. All three men were brothers in-law.

Mr. Ascrizzi opened a small macaroni and ravioli store and shortly afterwards, Frank Vetrano and Tom Messina bought into the business. The three men became equal partners and they renamed the store “Deer Park Ravioli”. Margaret, Frank’s wife, designed the deer logo, which is still used by the company today.

When Mr. Ascrizzi, Mr. Messina and Mr. Vetrano decided to retire in 1973, John Oliviero, who was a friend of Tom Messina, purchased the business. Mr. Messina had parting advice that remains with the company today: “Use the best ingredients you can find.”

Frank weights lasagneWe recently heard from Marie (Vetrano) Wallach, Frank’s daughter, and sadly, all three original owners are now deceased, but the wonderful memories of the original partnership years now remain with their children and grandchildren.

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